Gravity Control a rock band that after a couple of changes has evolved into a five piece line-up with two guitars and a separate vocalist. Basically we are a bunch of working guys with a long history of playing rock'n'roll, too. We write our own music together and individually and shape it into a straight forward delivery in rehearsals. Well, actually we do have slow songs, too as we are a bit too old or emotional to work on maximum all the time.

The music we play draws its influences from seventies' and eighties' rock and hard rock. This was the era when we were young or very young or in planning phase. It is also an era that produced the musical styles we like. Now we are making our effort to bring those elements that got us into music into present time and to the youth (and all the forever youthful people) of today.

We have recorded all our current material live in studio with only some vocal harmonics added later on. This is the right way for us as we are first and foremost a live band with a goal of 110% intensity and some 70-80% accuracy in our playing. In the studio we are trying to deliver the same feeling and be accurate at the same time.

So who do we think we are? The only answer we could agree on is our line-up, so here it is:

Marco vocals & guitar (with a bit less OD, most of the time)

Ori-Mattila guitar (with a bit more OD, most of the time)

Peter drums and cymbals (and anything like them)

Vanha Kala bass guitar (---)

Well, if you are into simple rock, peculiar lyrics, a variety of moods and playing with some heart in it - or you like to laugh at any of these - step right this way!